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a banhphovn

  • Source: BNN Recipe
  • Difficulty: 3/5
  • Preparation: 20mn
  • Rest Time: 30mn
  • Cooking Time: 10mn 


This noodle is both tender and chewy, very close to the fresh "pho".

You can use Philips Tagliatielle disc but it is a bit thicker (6mmx1,6mm)r, so the best disc is the Pastidea Tagliatelle disc (6mmx1mm).



This Tagliatelle from Kenwood (used with the adapter) produce 6mm wide x 1mm thick noodles.

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philips 4x1mm 1    philips 6x1mm 1

*** The philips - kenwood apdator must be used.

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kwcompaf41     kwcompaf61  


- 100gr rice flour

- 50gr tapioca starch

- 50gr potato starch

- 4gr xanthan gum

- 2gr salt

- 130ml BOILING water 



1 - Put all the dry ingredients in the machine so as to distribute them well.

2 - Choose the suitable program (250gr or menu water) and start the machine so that it mixes the ingredients well. Boil the water and pour the necessary amount into the slot, regularly and quickly for about 10 seconds.

3 - Wait for the end of the 3 minute mixing cycle, press pause and then turn off the machine.

4 - Restart the machine and run the program so that it mixes a second time. As with the previous step, stop the machine at the end of the mixing cycle.

5- Let the dough rest in the machine for 30 minutes

6- After rest, restart the machine and then start and let the program finish: mixing and extrusion. Collect the pasta on a plaster board to easily put in boiling water afterwards.

7- Put the pasta in boiling water, bring the pot to a boil and then reduce to simmer. As soon as the pasta rises to the surface or about 2-3 minutes after boiling, transfer the pasta to a container containing a large amount of fresh water.

8 - Wash the pasta by turning it in this container of fresh water at least 3 times (change the fresh water). The pasta must be completely cooled and remove any starch from its surface. Allow to dry at least 1 hour before serving.

Enjoy your meal.