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  • Source: BNN Recipe
  • Dificulty: 4/5
  • 24/12/2017


Glass Noodle BNN

As promise for the recipe of the glass noodle, after long research and test. Today finally i will give this recipe as my Christmas gift.

The shape that fit well is the square 1.5mm x 1.5mm.

The glass noodle based on arrow root starch is transparent, chewy and "crunchy", all requirements of the glass noodle.

To do that you must have arrow root starch, mungo starch and potato starch. (xanthan gum also if you don't eat right after)

I call it "glass noodle BNN" because it's a BNN Recipe and it has the special taste of BNN, don't compare with the glass noodle in the market. I feel it have a good taste like the really glass noodle and make from flour easy to find.


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You can do that with "Angel Hair" or "Spaghetti" shapes of Philips

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Or kenwood bronze square 1.5mm x 1.5mm that have a good size for glass noodle. 

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  • 100gr arrow root 
  • 50gr mungo starch
  • 100gr potato starch
  • 160-170ml boiled water
  • ** 5gr xanthan gum is mandatory if you don't eat right after

Note that the difficulty is 4/5, so to be strong and make them only if you have some experiences with free gluten flour.



1- put arrow root and mungo starch in the car
2- pour quickly all boiled water in the car, the aim is to keep water really boiled.
3- knead 2 cycles in continue (2 time of 3 minutes)
4- at the 3eme kneading cyle, add 100gr potato starch in the car and knead 2 more cycles
5- you can let it rest 15 minutes or can extrude directly
6- do two extrusions to have a smooth glass noodle (if one is already ok then you don't need to do the second extrusion)


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7- Boil it quickly because it is thin, and in addition you have to cook in after (saute or cook in soup). It's better to keep it in water to preserve the transparency and keep it smoothly, so cook it just before eating.


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Good Luck :).