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  • SourceNguyenAnh Asakura
  • Dificulty: 3/5
  • Preparation Time: 20mn
  • Rest Time: 30mn
  • Cooking Time: 10mn

This is an authentic recipe from Japan, provided by our friend Nguyen Anh Asakura.

Udon are the thickest of the noodles served in Japanese Cuisine. Udon are white, wheat-based noodles, that are 4-6mm in width. These noodles are served chilled with a dipping sauce in the summer months, or in hot dishes and soups when the temperature is cooler. 


Kenwood 4mmx1mm

a bigoli vn 2

Philips 4mm


VIVA 4mm:



  • 220gr plain flour (gluten 8%-10%)
  • 30gr potatoes starch
  • 2gr salt
  • 90ml cold water around 5°C


1 - Put all the dry ingredients in the machine so as to distribute them well.

2 - Choose the suitable program (250gr or menu water) and start the machine so that it mixes the ingredients well. Pour  regularly the necessary amount into the slot.

3 - Wait for the end of the 3 minute mixing cycle, press pause and then turn off the machine.

4 - Restart the machine and run the program so that it mixes a second time. As with the previous step, stop the machine at the end of the mixing cycle. Repeat this step one more time, so 3 knead cycles

5- Let the dough rest in the machine for 30 minutes

6- After rest, restart the machine, let it knead one more time, the second time knead and then extrude. Collect the pasta on a plaster board to easily put in boiling water afterwards.

7- Put the pasta in boiling water added some oil, bring the pot to a boil and then reduce to simmer. As soon as the pasta rises to the surface or about 2-3 minutes after boiling, transfer the pasta to a container containing a large amount of fresh water or directly in the bowl.

Enjoy your meal.