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  • Source: BNN Recipe
  • Dificulty: 2/5
  • Preparation Time: 20mn
  • Rest Time: 30mn
  • Cooking Time: 2mn


This noodle is especially thin like the chinese noodle that we used to eat in some chinese restaurant. It is elastic, chewy and soft in the same time.

The dought is the mix of two kind of flour, the all purpose flour around 11% gluten and the bread flour with 13% gluten or more. We can add the baked baking soda to give a special color of this noodle.

By combining the multi kneading and some rest time, the gluten develops well and provide a good chewy and elastic noodle.



philips 1mm

Angel Hair - 1.3mm - Kenwood comptible using with adaptator


Philips Angel Hair (thicker than kenwood angel hair)

a angelHair


  • 350gr unbleached all purpose - all purpose - farina 00
  • 150gr bread flour
  • 2 egges and water up to 210ml
  • 10ml oil (it's optional, if you have to keep some days don't put oil)
  • 1gr baked baking soda (***) - Optional



Step 1: Put and mix together egg and water

Step 2: Put two kind of flour and baked baking soda into the car. Chose the appropriate program and start the car. Pour the liquid and let it knead. Stop the car at the end of the kneading cycle.

Step 3: Restart the car, let knead 2 time (two cycle of 3 minutes) and stop the car. Let the dought rest for 30 minutes.

Step 4: Restart again the car, let it knead one more time and then extrude.

Step 5: The noodle is very thin so you have to cook very quickly in the large amount of water, just around 2 minutes in the boiled water. Add some salt in the water.


 *** Baked Baking Soda:

- The baked baking soda has an effect like the lye water, the noodle is more chewy by adding a little bit of it.

- To prepare the baked baking soda: put regularly the baking soda and put in the oven 120°C during 1 hour. Be carrefull, don't let it touchs your eyes because its strong alkalin characteristics.

Chinese Noodle Cooked